VARIANT_BOOL GetEnrollDataStr([in] long dwMachineNumber, [in] long dwEnrollNumber, [in] long dwEMachineNumber, [in] long dwBackupNumber, [out] long* dwMachinePrivilege, [out] BSTR* dwEnrollData, [out] long* dwPassWord)


Obtain registration data (user fingerprint template and some user information) by user ID and corresponding index. The only difference between this function and GetEnrollData is the fingerprint template forma


dwMachineNumber, dwEMachineNumber Device number. Both values must be equal.
dwEnrollNumber User ID
dwBackupNumber Index of the fingerprint. The value ranges from 0 to 9. If the operation succeeds, the fingerprint template and password can be obtained. If the value is 10, only user password is obtained.
dwMachinePrivilege User privilege. 0: common user, 1: enroller, 2: administrator, 3: super administrator
dwEnrollData Fingerprint template to be uploaded
dwPassWordUser password


Return True if it is successful, or return False.


GetEnrollData , SetEnrollData, DeleteEnrollData, GetUserInfo, GetUserTmp