VARIANT_BOOL GetRTLog(LONG dwMachineNumber)


Obtain an event from the buffer of the PC and trigger the event. This function can be used with ReadRTLog to actively obtain real-time events from the device after the PC connects to the device successfully.


dwMachineNumber: Device number


Return True if it is successful, or return False.






private static void GetRTLog(string sIp = "", int iPort = 4370, int iMachineNumber = 1)
//Create Standalone SDK class dynamicly.
zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass axCZKEM1 = new zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass();
axCZKEM1.Connect_Net(sIp, iPort);
if (axCZKEM1.ReadRTLog(iMachineNumber))
while (axCZKEM1.GetRTLog(iMachineNumber))



Private Shared Sub GetRTLog(Optional ByVal sIp As String = "", Optional ByVal iPort As Integer = 4370,
Optional ByVal iMachineNumber As Integer = 1)
'Create Standalone SDK class dynamicly.
Dim axCZKEM1 As New zkemkeeper.CZKEM
axCZKEM1.Connect_Net(sIp, iPort)
If axCZKEM1.ReadRTLog(iMachineNumber) = True Then
While axCZKEM1.GetRTLog(iMachineNumber) = True
End While
End If
End Sub