Read the data of card.
commHandle: Communication serial port of handling, 0.
deviceAddress: 0.
Mode: 0(keyA+single card) 1(keyA+multi cards) 2(keyB+single card) 3(keyB+multi cards).
blkIndex: block index.
blkNum: number of block.
key: 6 bytes key, return 4 bytes of card number when read successful.
buffer: buffer[0] is error code when read failed, while it's the read data when read successful.

Onlysupport ZK8000sensor currently.

Error Code:
0x80: Parameters set successful.
0x81: Parameters set failed. 0x82: Communication timeout.
0x83: Card doesn't exist. 0x84: Data error of receiving card.
0x87: Unknown error. 0x85: Parameter or command format input error.
0x8A: error when initialize the card. 0x8B: The error serial number got in preventing conflict.
0x8C: Password authentication failed. 0x90: Card doesn't support this command.
0x91: Command format error. 0x92: The FLAG parameter in command doesn't support the OPTION mode.
0x93: The BLOCK to be operated doesn't exist. 0x94: The object to be operated has been locked, and it can't be modified.
0x95: The lock operation failed. 0x96: The write operation failed.