VARIANT_BOOL SetEnrollData([in] long dwMachineNumber, [in] long dwEnrollNumber, [in] long dwEMachineNumber, [in] long dwBackupNumber, [in] long dwMachinePrivilege, [in] long* dwEnrollData, [in] long dwPassWord)


Set registration data (user fingerprint template and some user information).


dwMachineNumber, dwEMachineNumber Device number. Both values must be equal.
dwEnrollNumber User ID
dwBackupNumber Index of the fingerprint. The value ranges from 0 to 9. When the value is 10, it indicates the user password is set.
dwMachinePrivilege User privilege. 0: common user, 1: enroller, 2: administrator, 3: super administrator
dwEnrollData Fingerprint template to be uploaded
dwPassWord Password


Return True if it is successful, or return False.


GetEnrollData, DeleteEnrollData, SetEnrollDataStr, SetUserInfo, SetUserTmp




private static void SetEnrollData(string sIp = "", int iPort = 4370, int iMachineNumber = 1)
	//Create Standalone SDK class dynamicly.
	zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass axCZKEM1 = new zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass();
	axCZKEM1.Connect_Net(sIp, iPort);
	int idwErrorCode = 0;

	int iUserID = 1;
	int iFlag = 1;
	int sPassword = 0;
	int iPrivilege = 0;
	int sTmpData = 0;

	if (axCZKEM1.SetEnrollData(iMachineNumber, iUserID, iMachineNumber, iFlag, iPrivilege, ref sTmpData, sPassword))
		MessageBox.Show("SetEnrollDataStr,UserID:" + iUserID.ToString() + " iFlag:" + iFlag.ToString(), "Success");
		axCZKEM1.GetLastError(ref idwErrorCode);
		MessageBox.Show("Operation failed,ErrorCode=" + idwErrorCode.ToString(), "Error");


 Private Shared Sub SetEnrollData(Optional ByVal sIp As String = "", Optional ByVal iPort As Integer = 4370, Optional ByVal iMachineNumber As Integer = 1)
        'Create Standalone SDK class dynamicly.
        Dim axCZKEM1 As New zkemkeeper.CZKEM
        axCZKEM1.Connect_Net(sIp, iPort)

        Dim idwErrorCode As Integer

        Dim iUserID As Integer = 1
        Dim iFlag As Integer = 10
        Dim sPassword As Integer = 0
        Dim iPrivilege As Integer = 0
        Dim sTmpData As Integer = 0

        If axCZKEM1.SetEnrollData(iMachineNumber, iUserID, iMachineNumber, iFlag, iPrivilege, sTmpData, sPassword) = True Then
            MsgBox("SetEnrollDataStr,UserID:" + iUserID.ToString() + " iFlag:" + iFlag.ToString(), "Success")
            MsgBox("Operation failed,ErrorCode=" + idwErrorCode.ToString(), "Error")
        End If
    End Sub