Obtain all user information. Before executing this function, you can use ReadAllUserID to read out all user information and write it into the memory. Each time GetAllUserInfo is executed, the pointer points to the next user information. After all user information is read, False is returned. The difference between this function and GetAllUserID is that this function can obtain more information.


Device number

User ID

User name

User password

User privilege. 0: common user, 1: enroller, 2: administrator, 3: super administrator

Whether the user is enabled. 1: Enabled. 0: Disabled.

Return Value

Return True if it is successful, or return False.

Related Function

ReadAllUserID, GetAllUserID




private static void SSR_GetAllUserInfo(string sIp = "", int iPort = 4370, int iMachineNumber = 1)
    //Create Standalone SDK class dynamicly.
    zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass axCZKEM1 = new zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass();
    axCZKEM1.Connect_Net(sIp, iPort);
    string sEnrollNumber = "";
    string sName = "";
    string sPassword = "";
    int iPrivilege = 0;
    bool bEnabled = false;

    axCZKEM1.EnableDevice(iMachineNumber, false);
    axCZKEM1.ReadAllUserID(iMachineNumber);//read all the user information to the memory
    while (axCZKEM1.SSR_GetAllUserInfo(iMachineNumber, out sEnrollNumber, out sName, out sPassword, out iPrivilege, out bEnabled))
    axCZKEM1.EnableDevice(iMachineNumber, true);


Private Shared Sub SSR_GetAllUserInfo(Optional ByVal sIp As String = "", Optional ByVal iPort As Integer = 4370,
                Optional ByVal iMachineNumber As Integer = 1)
    'Create Standalone SDK class dynamicly.
    Dim axCZKEM1 As New zkemkeeper.CZKEM
    axCZKEM1.Connect_Net(sIp, iPort)

    Dim sEnrollNumber As String = ""
    Dim sName As String = ""
    Dim sPassword As String = ""
    Dim iPrivilege As Integer
    Dim bEnabled As Boolean = False

    axCZKEM1.EnableDevice(iMachineNumber, False)
    axCZKEM1.ReadAllUserID(iMachineNumber) 'read all the user information to the memory
    While axCZKEM1.SSR_GetAllUserInfo(iMachineNumber, sEnrollNumber, sName, sPassword, iPrivilege, bEnabled) = True
    End While

    axCZKEM1.EnableDevice(iMachineNumber, True)
End Sub