VARIANT_BOOL SSR_OutPutHTMLRep([in] LONG dwMachineNumber, [in] BSTR dwEnrollNumber, [in] BSTR AttFile, [in] BSTR UserFile, [in] BSTR DeptFile, [in] BSTR TimeClassFile, [in] BSTR AttruleFile, [in] LONG BYear, [in] LONG BMonth, [in] LONG BDay, [in] LONG BHour, [in] LONG BMinute, [in] LONG BSecond, [in] LONG EYear, [in] LONG EMonth, [in] LONG EDay, [in] LONG EHour, [in] LONG EMinute, [in] LONG ESecond, [in] BSTR TempPath, [in] BSTR OutFileName, [in] LONG HTMLFlag, [in] LONG resv1, [in] BSTR resv2


Generate an .html ATT log of a specified user within the specified time range. This function is applicable only to OP1000.


dwMachineNumber Device number
dwEnrollNumber Device number
AttFile Device number
UserFile Device number
DeptFile Device number
TimeClassFile Device number
AttruleFile Device number
Byear, Bmonth, Bday, Bhour, Bminute, Bsecond Device number
Eyear, Emonth, Eday, Ehour, Eminute, Esecond Device number
TempPath Device number
OutFileName Output file name (including the path)
HTMLFlag Log in HTML format. Values are as follows:
ATT log Exception log, Statistics log
resv1 Reserved parameter
resv2 Name ofATT log


Return True if it is successful, or return False.