VARIANT_BOOL StartEnroll([in] LONG UserID, [in] LONG FingerID,[in] LONG Flag)


Enroll a user, and enable the device to enter enrollment state and wait until the user place a finger. Note:After this function is used, and a user enrolls the same finger three times to complete enrollment, the device may make no response. In this case, use StartIdentify to force the device to enter waiting state.


UserID ID of the user to be enrolled
FingerID Index of the fingerprint of the user to be enrolled. The value ranges from 0 to 9.
Flag Whether the fingerprint template is valid or is a threatened fingerprint template. 0: Invalid; 1: Valid; 3: Threatened fingerprint template.


Return True if it is successful, or return False.


CancelOperation, StartVerify, StartIdentify